– Life I dont know tries to find oneself, but created oneself –

George Bernard

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Welcome traveler! If you are here I presume you want to know more about me and because he believes this blog.

My name is Giancarlo Francisco Castillo I graduated in tourism and hotel management companies in the Technological University of Santiago (UTESA) and I am pursuing a Master in tourism marketing in the CETT-UB .

We all have something to offer and help make it visible is the best choice to have market relevance.

Son of Dominico father – Italian and Nicaraguan mother and born in Italy, I currently live in Barcelona.

Since childhood I loved to see people with various difficulties, tear down the barriers between success radically changing their lives.

Vivi much en Italy, Nicaragua and the Dominican Republic, come to understand the differences that have different cultures and particularity that makes them unique and exceptional.

My vision is to maintain and improve the process of digital marketing companies and reach a digital change in Latin America, where both individuals and companies to find the best environment to be able to express to the fullest and promote their services.

Giancarlo in the Design Museum

In my professional life comes to understand even more the importance of digital marketing for individuals and businesses especially in the tourism sector to promote their products and services.

I was in charge of the departments of data loading and sending documentations besides being a sales agent for the company Sicc Data Dominicanatours.

During my work experience I understood the importance and necessity of digital marketing to attract customers and promotion for a company and also to encourage the promotion of a tourist spot.

I've always liked a lot of the technological world and try to think about creating new things to make life easier for others.


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