What is gamification?

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the gamificación, is the use and design of mechanical gaming environments that are not ludic.

In order also to motivate, generating concentration, loyalty and generate other positive values ​​of the game.


Gamification and marketing strategies


Accumulating points: determinative shares to a quantitative value is assigned, and they accumulate as they are made.

Getting awards: A different measures objectives are achieved, They will deliver prizes as a collection.

Gifts: Goods that the player or players are given, in case of multiplayer modes for free to achieving the objective.

Scaling levels: They are further defined, a number of levels that the user must go climbing up to the following classification.

challenges: They are also competitions, among users, the best gets the points or prize designated.

Missions or Challenges: Getting solve or overcome a challenge or objective raised, individually or equipment.

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The gamification in recent years is being widely used to introduce products on the market.


Benefits of Gamification

  • Help increase brand reputation.
  • In case of applying a very captivating strategy, help boost sales.
  • Fideliza with its playful structure to customers.
  • Genera engagement.
  • It makes customers stay with the brand.
  • The gamification allows, differentiate from other brands .
  • further, allows feedback information indicated anteriorly, by actividadrs ludicas.


Gamificación models

internal: It is used to improve productivity scope laborativo

internal: It is used to improve workplace productivity. further, It focuses on different parts; It can be oriented towards customers or to encourage initiatives of a company.


external: It is used to improve customer loyalty to the brand.

Social: Social gamification is a part of external and working interacting with customers innovatively, creative and fun.


So you want to know more?

I leave here also, a video so you can learn more about this strategy.

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