Email Marketing

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Email marketing is a technique of communication with the user in which the mail is used to attract potential customers.

It is a direct channel to the user to adapt the content to each consumer and thus achieve greater ROI.

Good segmentation is key in this strategy in email marketing, becoming an excellent channel of communication which provide quality content and interest to our users with to turn into customers leeds.



1. It is effective The user voluntarily gives his address because he wants to follow our news. Is therefore a proactive and open to the public follow our offers. further, It serves as a loyalty tool.

2. It's easy to segment to segment your database to mail each offer only the target you need. Thus, we can make a specific message for each type of user that we want to go.

3. Is measurable effectiveness of a campaign of emailing is measured is very useful, tools like MailChimp, allow you to analyze both the most clicks, openings, low, impact, etc.

4. Format flexibility allows the ability to set the emailing as you want. Highlighting an offer or more, preparing an invitation to an event, increase subscriptions, highlight news, etc.

5. A large investment is economical is needed to launch an email marketing campaign. further, eliminates fixed costs, and allows all costs and check instantly ROI.

6. Is a means nonintrusive The user who wants to receive an email is aware of the action you just made. Receiving a desired communication makes it not intrusive.



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