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Branding is the discipline that deals with all elements that are part of a brand function in a correlated manner.

Branding is derived from the English word Brand, translated into Castilian brand, this refers to a set of signs and symbols expressing the identity of a company and its products on the market.

This sum of each and every one of the sensations, perceptions and experiences a person has as a result of contact with an organization, products and services.

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Branding is essential to get the brand in the minds of users.


In the Branding we can differentiate 7 dimensions:

1.Brand concept (brand concept): Related to strategy and branding concept that has given the brand so that it becomes consistent and sustained over time.

2.Brand Identity (identity): This is referred to elements that can be identified and make the brand and how they are perceived and interpreted by people who come into contact with the brand.

3.Brand Awareness (brand awareness): It is created when brand awareness is created and the public is able to recognize and unconsciously associating.

4.Brand Positioning (Brand positioning): Place of the brand in the minds of people distinctive way over its competitors.

5.Brand Loyalty (brand loyalty): When a person is loyalty to the brand and shows less sensitivity to prices.

6.Brand Equity (brand equity): inherent value that accompanies a recognized brand.

7.Brand value (Brand value): The value of the brand is the financial benefit that an organization obtains as a result of the strength of its brand.

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